Dog Daycare

We are fully licensed by Shropshire council. Licensing number 20/02948/AIAL

Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dogs at home?

Now you don't have to! Boredom and excess energy are the two most common causes of behavioural problems in dogs

Exercise and social interaction are essential to a dog's well being, and in our spacious, custom-designed facility there is endless fun to be had.

Whether is for a few hours or the entire working day, never again will you have to leave your dog home alone. Instead, we will entertain and fuss over them until you are ready to collect a tired, happy content dog, that cannot wait to return for his or her next daycare session!

A typical day at daycare

7.30- doors open, dogs start arriving and the van goes out to collect the pick-ups

10.00- around 10am all dogs have arrived and the fun is in full swing

12.00- puppies have naps and dinner

15.00-van loads up to take the drop-offs home

16.00-18.00- close the fields up and everyone starts to wind down

All dogs are thoroughly vetted before coming into daycare, they have to be highly sociable with other dogs and neutered if after the age of nine months. All dogs are welcome after they have had their 2nd puppy vaccination.

We suggest for first-timers a half-day introductory is advisable this gives your dogs and us a good insight into whether daycare is suitable and going to be enjoyable for your dog.

How to join

Step 1 get in touch and we can arrange a suitable half-day introductory for your dog

Step 2 fill in the application form

Step 3 if your dog enjoys their first day with us, you will be welcome to bring your dog to Wags and Whiskers daycare as often as you like